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"Justice has been served. I am very happy for
Jimmy Dennis, his family and supporters who have
worked and prayed for this day." - Susan Sarandon


Aug 21, 2013, Judge Anita Brody vacated both the conviction and death sentence:
"The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has committed a grave miscarriage of justice
in convicting Dennis and sentencing him to die for this crime."
 .pdf file of the Judge's decision

Philadelphia man on death row for 21 years wins new trial - ABC News
Man on Death Row For 21 Years Wins New Trial - NBC News
Father on death row for 21 years for murdering schoolgirl has sentence
overturned after judge finds cops 'covered up evidence' - Dail Mail, U.K.
Court Tosses Out Conviction Of Man Who Spent 21 Years On Death Row - Think Progress

Since 1992 Jimmy has been “Prayin’ 4 The Truth” to come out about his innocence in this case. 
On August 21, 2013, after spending 22 years on death row, Judge Anita Brody vacated both the conviction and the death sentence in a scathing indictment of the prosecutor’s case.  The Judge called the conviction against Dennis
"a grave miscarriage of justice" based on "scant evidence at best" and acknowledged that authorities withheld
evidence at the initial trial and that the case was based on shoddy police and prosecutorial work.

The CCADP wants to thank those who have joined our International Justice for Jimmy Dennis campaign. 
It is bcause of every single one of his supporters that this has happened !
Every single person that has ever written to him, signed the petition,
or sent money is what has kept him going and Jimmy wants to thank everyone


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Justice for Jimmy 
Innocent on Death Row

The official homepage of
Jimmy Dennis since 1998

"As a strong advocate for the wrongfully convicted, I have become aware of Jimmy's case
and hope to help Jimmy and his supporters find justice in this case."

-  Susan Sarandon, Actress/Activist

"His life as a musician was cut short, and an innocent man waits to die.
His loving family and friends continue to fight for his life and for his freedom."

- Mumia Abu Jamal, Writer/Activist

"The remarkably talented musician James (Jimmy) Dennis, a father of two girls will be killed by the 
state of Pennsylvania for a murder he did not and could not possibly have committed."

- Ed Stratton, Former drummer of New Disease and One Minute Silence

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Jimmy Needs Your Support, Please Listen...

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Jimmy's supporters all over the world:

Canada - Justice For Jimmy Campaign

Homayoun (Hommy) Dara's Homepage!

In Portuguese

If you have any information about this case, 
please call the James "Jimmy" Dennis Tip Line at: 

This is a toll-free and confidential call.

Donate To Assist With Legal And Investigatory Expenses contact the 
Justice for Jimmy Campaign at:

Send Jimmy Dennis funds directly for stamps, envelopes, telephone cards, 
personal health items and other small items from the prison through JPAY

With a credit card or debit card, you can deposit money into 
Jimmy's account through the internet at: 
Jimmy will receive these funds into his account on the same day.  
You must include Jimmy's name, prison number, and address as below:

Jimmy A. Dennis  BY7796
175 Progress Drive
Waynsburg, PA  
15370-8090 USA

Money orders can NO LONGER be sent directly to the prison.
If you would rather send a money order to JPAY, you MUST 
download a "money order deposit form" from their website.

Contact Jimmy Dennis:

By Mail:
Jimmy A. Dennis BY 7796
 175 Progress Dr.
Waynesburg, PA 

 Email The Justice For Jimmy Campaign at:

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